Short Fiction

I've always written short fiction, ever since schooldays. It was a bug that began very early on.

It's a refreshing change of pace after completing a full-length book to go on to something shorter. A book takes months, and very often you can't see the ending until it happens... or even the middle. But with a short story, you can get the whole scope. And the cast of characters is smaller, too. More manageable.

But that doesn't always mean easier. Trying to cram a story into 3,000 words means being economical, taut, lean and mean. There's no room for wasted words.

A couple of the stories were try-outs for longer works, to see if they had 'legs' for something bigger; to see if they could graduate from wearing shorts to long pants. Sometimes it worked, sometimes not.

I've put some of them into a couple of Kindle anthologies.




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