Friday, 11 October 2019

Latest article in Writing Magazine

November's issue of Writing Magazine features my latest Beginners article, 'Action and Reaction'.

When describing scenes in which something happens or is said, it's easy to forget that there should be a counter-reaction or an acknowledgement by other characters in the scene. In real life people react to words, actions or sounds, even if they're not involved.

We're nosey, intrigued, surprised. It's real. We hear a bang and turn to see what it is.

Including this reaction adds colour and depth to a scene, without taking up much space.

But there's also reaction without words. People show facial expressions on hearing something said. It's natural and displays a reaction we can all understand.

If we read something happening on the page, but there's no reaction by others in the scene, it's an empty event.


Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Book Review - 'Man on Ice' by Humphrey Hawksley

My latest review is of an action thriller by BBC foreign correspondent, Humphrey Hawksley.

The first in a series featuring Rake Ozenna, 'Man on Ice' is set in Alaska, and details the attempted land-grab by Russian forces. You can read the full review here, on the SHOTS Magazine review website:

The paperback edition is released this month and can be bought here on Amazon:

'Man on Edge', the 2nd in the Rake Ozenna series, will be available in hardback next month.