Sunday, 6 May 2018

Review of 'A Secret Worth Killing For' by Simon Berthon

Anne-Marie Gallagher, a former lawyer, has risen to the dizzy height of UK Minister of State for Security. She’s done well and is now a face to be reckoned with, possibly a future leader.

Maire Anne McCartney grew up in a house of secrets in the 1990s. She had a lover and a brother, both members of a team of vicious IRA killers known as the ‘Gang of Four’. When her lover, Joseph, suggests he and Martin, her brother, want her to get close to a British Special Branch officer, and ‘do whatever it takes’ to get him to a location so he can be 'interrogated', she recalls sharing in Martin’s pleasure when the IRA blew up Margaret Thatcher’s hotel in Brighton, and agrees. The SB officer dies.

The problem is, Anne-Marie Gallagher, UK Minister of State, and Maire Anne McCartney, are one and the same person...
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