Thursday, 4 January 2018

Beginners article and New Author profile

February's issue of Writing Magazine contains my usual monthly 'Beginners' slot and my New Author profile of debut novelist, Lloyd Otis.

Beginners - 'See Through The Fog', is a driving analogy all writers can identify with quite easily. It's that state of mind where you can't see a way forward, and navel gazing becomes the norm. In short, instead of letting it overcome you, review what you've written so far, look for plot holes and potential links forward, and before long you'll see things more clearly.

The basic idea is, keep going. Your own storyline is more often than not the best guide to inspiration.


The New Author this month is crime writer Lloyd Otis, whose novel 'Dead Lands' was published in October by Urbane Publications.

A 1970s-set crime thriller stretching from London, via Cardiff, Yorkshire to New Jersey, it follows the path of murder suspect Alexander Troy, who has a genuine alibi to prove his innocence... but can't use it and is forced to go on the run from the police.

Among Lloyd's tips for success is 'Polish off your final draft and get it out there.'

The best advice always. If no-one can see it, no-one can judge it.

And, as he also says, 'Stay Lucky!'


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