Friday, 7 July 2017

Latest articles in Writing Magazine

The August edition of Writing Magazine is now out - some holiday reading for keen writers - and includes two regular pieces from me.

The first is on my 'Beginners' page, and called 'Nota bene' - which deals with the topic of making notes, especially of random thoughts - and why you should do so.

Like many writers, I admit to peppering my house with stickies, each containing a jumble of letters which are meaningless to anyone else. But these are what I call notes in transit, hopefully containing the potential to grow into something substantial - if I leave them to fester long enough and they don't get swept away with my other clutter.

The fact is, creative writing is not a linear activity but an on-going and often random one. And note writing is still writing. It's just a little scattered, that's all.


This month's New Author profile is on N.M. Brown, whose debut 'The Girl on the Bus' came out in April via Bloodhound Books. His story concept is simple and traditional: a girl climbs on board an interstate bus... then disappears. And a close friend enlists somebody to find her.

Sounds simple enough, although like all good stories, it's anything but.


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