Saturday, 7 January 2017

Some nice reviews

Every now and then it's nice for an author to report that someone, somewhere likes their book. It's a natural thing because you've put in a lot of time and effort, and you like to think that it's gone down well out there.

Here's a trio of reviews that came up just recently of my latest book, 'THE BID' - the second in my new Gonzales & Vaslik series.

An unnamed reviewer with slight reservations comes from Publishers Weekly. My initial thought was, is there a problem with gunfights, car chases and other stock thriller elements? But you can't win 'em all, and I'm grateful for the review because it's a whole lot better than being ignored.

The second comes from Fresh Fiction review's Viki Ferrell, and is the kind of response that makes it all worthwhile. I especially value her lovely comment ,"We can always expect an exciting thriller from Adrian Magson, and THE BID is no exception."

And again from Fresh Fiction, this time from reviewer Tanzey Cutter, with the immortal words, "THE BID is thrilling suspense at its best."

There are some truly lovely people out there and I'm very grateful to them.

I also had an interview piece about 'The Bid' by fellow author Alison McMahan in the International Thriller Writers monthly newsletter, The Big Thrill. You can read it right here. (That's not me on the horse, by the way, and I wouldn't look as relaxed as Greg Hurwitz does if it were; horses and I don't mix well).

This interview gave me a chance to talk about other aspects of my writing, too, especially touching on the long build-up to becoming a full-time writer. Hopefully, after 21 books in print, most of them thrillers in the spy and crime genres, I'm getting it right and readers find them entertaining and enjoyable.
Thank you, Alison, for your time and patience!


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