Thursday, 1 December 2016

A lovely review of 'The Bid' by BOOKLIST

"In the second in the Cruxys Solutions series, globetrotting investigators Ruth Gonzales and Andy Vaslik (who were introduced in the widely praised The Locker, 2016) are in the U.S., looking into the disappearance of one of the world’s top experts on military drones.
Meanwhile, the missing man is rather upset to find himself being held captive in a small room by people who, he’s assured, have some nasty things in store for him if he won’t do exactly what they say.
As we follow these two alternating plot threads, we gradually put together a picture of a terrorist plot that could spell disaster for the U.S. The question, of course, is whether Gonzales and Vaslik can beat the clock and stop the villains.
With some intriguing characters (especially private-security experts Gonzales and Vaslik—a nice mix of superheroes and regular folks); some snappy writing; and a timely story, the novel should find a large and enthusiastic audience among fans of Daniel Silva and Alex Berenson.
Devotees of the author’s Harry Tate novels should have no trouble switching over to this new series, too."
David Pitt
BOOKLIST Reviews - December 2016

'The Bid' - the second Gonzales & Vaslik mystery thriller - JANUARY 2017 in ebook and p/b.







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