Friday, 25 November 2016

Latest Articles in Writing Magazine

AS we're now heading scarily fast towards December (and next month's issue of Writing Magazine is already available on bookstands and online), I might as well give a heads-up in case I forget later.

First, my latest Beginners piece, 'Turn to the Dark Side', deals with giving your characters some rough edges. That means your heroes, not merely the villains.

You often hear actors say that slightly dubious or downright bad characters are the most fun to play. Well, the same is true when writing them; you need to get some fun out of your writing, and giving them that little extra to make them stand out can help you do that.

It helps to make sure your characters on either side of the fence are not unremittingly the same all the way through. A little moral looseness - even vulnerability - helps them become real, as does an occasional touch of humour, especially the dark kind.

'Good' characters with a bit of 'rough' about them can be exciting to write, too, because you can play with this extra facet and make them far more than one-dimensional.


My New Author profile this month is Jules Grant, whose debut 'We Go Around in the Night and are Consumed by Fire' was published by Myriad Editions in April.

Depicting the lives of an all-female street gang in Manchester, and written by a former barrister who knows the area well, it was, in Jules' own words, 'great fun to write', reflecting what I said in the Beginners article above.

Available on Amazon here.


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