Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Canada has it.

I read a lot of American thrillers, but I tend not to notice whether the authors actually come from north or south of the border. That's my fault, I confess. I just like to get to the story.

However, to redress the balance in just a small way, I've been watching the progress over the years of Ethan Jones, the prolific author of the Canadian Intelligence Service (CIS) operative, Justin Hall, series, and the Carrie O'Connor series. If you like your stories with a relentless pace, buckets of action and a recurring lead character, these are most definitely worth checking out.

To add to his already impressive output, his latest title, The Central Connection, (Knightsville Books) is out this month.

After going rogue, will Justin Hall still be a part of the CIS? Will his boss forgive Justin's disobedience? And what is cooking in Mossad's kitchen? These and more questions will be answered in the The Central Connection, 

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