Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Book review

'Riker's Calling' by Rico Lamoureux

I rarely review books off-piste, as it were, because I'm either reviewing books sent to me by the Shots Magazine website or writing my own books - usually to a tight deadline.

However, I happened on one book in between projects, and this was 'Riker's Calling' by Rico Lamoureux. It's not a long book, but packs a lot into the pages, with investigator Jeremy Riker
finding that he has a psychopath on his tail for reasons he can't fathom. But the Spyderco Killer, as he is known, isn't interested in Riker alone; he wants to take out the people Riker knows and values, and in the most personal and coldly brutal way that he can.

Rico Lamoureux's writing has a deft touch and a nicely descriptive style alongside the fast pace. He spares some of the characterisation in preference to action, but that's not a bad thing in a story that goes from wham to bam and back again, and his main character, Riker is a likeable one to follow.

'Riker's Calling' - available for pre-order on Kindle right here.


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