Tuesday, 7 June 2016

A sneak look at the latest new cover

Like most authors, I look forward with equal parts enthusiasm and trepidation to seeing what my next book cover image will look like. In this case, it's 'The Bid' (Midnight Ink), coming out in January 2017.

This is book No 2 in the Gonzales & Vaslik series (following on from 'The Locker'), and here is the cover blurb to give a taste of what's inside:

The prisoner who wakes up in a box miles from anywhere.

The jailer who doesn’t question his job.

The shipment of drones stolen in transit from a cargo hub.

The kidnappers planning a devastating attack on US soil.

When James Chadwick, a drone expert, disappears suddenly, Cruxys Solutions investigators Ruth Gonzales and Andy Vaslik are assigned to track his last movements. With few clues to go on, the hunt moves from London to New York, gathering speed as they close in on a horrifying plan to kill the US President and inflict total damage on a US Air Force base.

And time is running out...

Not to influence you in any way, I have to say I love the cover image, which is telling as far as the plot goes, but sufficiently sinister in tone and colour to be very eye-catching. I think the Midnight Ink designers have done a great job here on my behalf.

'The Bid' - Out in paperback and ebook on the 8th January 2017 - see Amazon


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