Sunday, 10 April 2016

What do I write?

'What do I write?'
'Write what you want!'
'When do I write it?'

This might seem like stating the bleedin' obvious, but it's a question which haunts many would-be writers. For them, it's rather more a question of what should I write that will get published, than anything else.

My 'Beginners' page in the May issue of Writing Magazine deals with this question, and whether it's better to follow the market trend by writing something you feel will sell, or follow your writing heart and get that story that's been burning a hole in your skull for years out of the bone and onto the page.

It's a matter of choice, of course. But bear in mind that what's hot and trendy now won't last for ever. Tastes change, readership can be fickle and you will really only move on as a writer once you've written the story you've always wanted to write.

It might sell, it might not. But in finishing that first one, you'll have learned far more about yourself, your writing aims, your stamina, your sheer creativity. And you'll have picked up a lot more ideas into the bargain along the way.

Continuing my articles for writing beginners on the art of writing. (With thanks to Writing Magazine for allowing me to use them). Also available in paperback and ebook in a compilation called 'Write On! - the writer's help book'.

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