Thursday, 24 March 2016

Book review - 'A Dying Breed' - Peter Hanington

When I'm in what my wife calls 'full book mode' (usually anywhere from 20,000 words on), it's rare for me to read books by other thriller authors, as I worry about subliminally taking on another 'voice', which might affect my own writing.

However, since I also review books, it's not something I can escape entirely. It doesn't happen very often, but some books can affect my work in another way - my habit of spending a few minutes late at night making notes for scene drafts, to give myself a head start for the following day's work.

One such title came my way last week, and pretty much put paid to any of my late night scribblings, it was so good.

'A Dying Breed' is a thriller by former BBC Radio 4 member Peter Hanington (Two Roads publishing), and my full review can be read on the Shots Magazine website right here.

If you like John Le Carré or Frederick Forsyth, you will definitely like this one.


On the subject of thrillers, permit me a reminder that my own latest Marc 'Watchman' Portman spy thriller, 'HARD COVER'  is out on the 31st March in hardback (July 1 outside the UK).

See top right for cover detail.

Signed copies are available from Goldsboro Books - who also ship worldwide if you just can't wait.

Otherwise, all the usual places.


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