Thursday, 4 February 2016

My latest articles in Writing Magazine

The March issue of Writing Magazine brings as usual a host of advice, tips, interviews and lots more. Among them is my 'Beginners' page, this one titled The ABC of Being a Writer.

There are all manner of so-called aspects to this strange profession of writing, most of them changeable, some arcane, others a matter of following common sense if you want to succeed and prosper, like this example:

O is for Opening. Start with a bang, not a whimper. Grab the reader by the throat and drag them into your world. You'll only get once chance, so make it a good one.

Others are more light-hearted in tone, but worth noting, if only for one's well-being. It's a lonely business and very easy to wander off-track and lose sight of what's important.


Also in this issue is my profile of debut author, Catherine Hokin, whose novel 'Blood and Roses' (Yolk Publishing) came out last month.

Telling the story of Margaret of Anjou (1430-82), wife of Henry VI, it is described as a feminist revision of a woman frequently imagined as a shadowy figure, a woman capable of power but trapped in a marriage born to be a saint.

Catherine is currently working on her second book, an exploration of the 14th century relationship between Katherine Swinford and John of Gaunt.


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