Monday, 21 December 2015

Like buses...

You don't see anything new for a while, then suddenly everything happens at once.
Well, almost at once.
After months of being hidden away like a Hobbit, knocking seven bells out of my keyboard, I look up and find I have two new titles coming out in short order during 2016.

1) 'THE LOCKER' is the first in a new series published in paperback and ebook by Midnight Ink (Jan 8 in US - Feb 1 in UK).

A thriller mystery posing as a kidnap, the story begins with Nancy Hardman opening a gym locker one morning, to find a card addressed to her:

Hello, Nancy.
You’re at your usual locker at Fitness Plus. The time is 09:15.
Your cell phone is dead, your home phone won’t answer and your daughter, Beth, is home with the nanny.
It will take you 18 minutes to get home. If you drive fast.
Shame. You’re already 18 minutes late . . .

The kidnappers' only stipulation is that Nancy must tell her husband, Michael, an aid worker.
Trouble is, she doesn’t know where he is. But she recalls him mentioning a number she should call if anything unusual happens. This triggers a Code Red alert at specialist security company Cruxys Solutions, who send investigators Ruth Gonzales and Andy Vaslik to track him down.
But they can't find a single trace of him. No footprint, nothing. Yet Nancy insists that he is out there.
What do you do when a child’s life depends on finding a man who doesn't seem to exist?
Reviews for 'The Locker':

"Readers who enjoy Harlan Coben and Joseph Finder will happily get lost in the nightmare presented here." — Booklist Reviews

"Gonzalez and Vaslik make an appealingly mismatched investigative unit." — Kirkus Reviews
2) 'HARD COVER' is the 3rd book in my Marc Portman 'Watchman' series.
Portman, codename Watchman, is in Russia providing covert back-up to wealthy Russian businessman Leonid Tzorekov. A former KGB officer sympathetic to the West, Tzorekov has close links with Vladimir Putin and is planning to use his influence with the President to improve relations between Russia, the USA and the European Union.
However, there are those with vested interests in maintaining hostilities: powerful men around the hard-line president who will go to any lengths to ensure the proposed meeting does not take place.
The Watchman's role is to run security, evaluate risks and, where necessary, provide hard cover by taking more direct action. When this new assignment takes an unexpected and violent turn, Portman has no choice but to take the hard cover option...
And that means fighting back.
Reviews of the first two books in the series:
"action-filled... a convincingly formidable one-man army..." - Publishers Weekly - ('The Watchman')
Knuckle-whitening, adventure-packed, and shocking, this page turner is guaranteed to grip readers from the first page to the last" - Booklist Starred Review - 'Close Quarters')

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