Monday, 16 November 2015

Book review: 'Gone Bad' by JB Turner

My latest review in Shots Magazine is right here.

If you like your main characters hard-hitting and willing to work outside the rule of law while keeping in close with it (in this case the FBI), then these books are worth a good look.

Jon Reznick's a maverick, and he's capable of going to extreme lengths and using methods that FBI Assistant Director Martha Meyerstein cannot possibly contemplate openly. When the need arises, she brings in Reznick. That causes professional problems for her but it gets results - and nobody can argue with that.

It makes for a charged relationship, but JB Turner somehow always keeps it real.

As I say in the review, just because 'Gone Bad' is shorter doesn't make it slower.

'Gone Bad' is a change of length for J B Turner, but still right up there in his growing list of Jon Reznick titles (three so far, plus other titles here).


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