Friday, 11 September 2015

What's My Motivation?

My latest 'Beginners' article in October's issue of Writing Magazine is called 'What's my motivation?'

It deals more with the carrot than the stick approach, since most writers tend to respond negatively to any kind of forced regime to get the words on the paper unless they impose it themselves. And the best motivation of all is striving to match the desire to be a writer because you want to - by simply doing it. The rest is down to sweat and determination.

Asking somebody to jump across a sand pit (see the article) illustrates this by way of finding out what you can do - then improving on it and gaining the confidence to go further.

And that's what writing is all about; doing it again and again and stretching yourself.

As I say in the article, it's better to say you tried than regret never having done so.


Also in this month's issue is a profile of debut author Susan Murray.

Her novel 'The Waterborne Blade' was published by Angry Robot in May, and the sequel 'Waterborne Exile' quickly followed in August. A good way to hook readers; don't keep them waiting for the next book.

Details to buy here.


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