Friday, 3 July 2015

My latest articles in Writing Magazine

A regular question among new writers is, where exactly does one begin?

Secondary questions might be, why should I write? What do I write? And how do I go about it?

Not such odd questions really, because having the desire to do something doesn't always come with ready-made clues telling you how to go about it. (A bit like flat-packed furniture).

In my latest 'Beginners' article - 'Get Set. Go.' - in the August edition of Writing Magazine, which is out now and available online, there are some helpful tips addressing these questions, and pointing out how we all have the tools to tell a story... it's simply a matter of being organised, recognising your strengths and getting on with it.

Debut Author

Also in this month's mag is my profile of new author, SJI Holliday, whose novel 'Black Wood' was published by Black& White Publishing in March.

A dark tale of revenge and justice, it's a good example of how childhood memories can be used as the starting point to writing a book.

(Note the link re: the article above? This doesn't all happen on a whim and a prayer, you know - there's real planning involved).

You can read more about Susi/SJI and her writing right here.


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