Saturday, 2 May 2015

My latest articles in Writing Magazine

Early in the month though it is, my latest offerings in June's Writing Magazine are as follows:

The 'Beginners' page this month is called 'Stick to the Instructions', and deals with knowing what you want to write (and in what genre) and sticking to it.

All too often it's so easy to wander off-target from, say, a romantic drama, and end up drifting into thriller territory. Not a bad thing in some ways, but it can muddy the water somewhat in deciding what to call it as a genre, and where it might sit on the bookshelves.

If you don't know what to call it, then how does anybody else?

It's bad enough confusing the browser/reader, but even more so back up the line when describing your submission to an agent or editor. With literally hundreds of other would-be authors out there competing for places on their books (sorry - unintentional pun there) you don't want to give the agent or editor a reason to turn to the next manuscript in line.


And speaking of debut authors, this month's profile is of Brighton author Al Robertson, whose sci-fi first novel 'Crashing Heaven'  is out this month via Gollancz.

Damn - such a great title. And to be followed by an even greater one - 'Waking Hell'.

I don't know about crashing heaven, but can you imagine waking hell? Brilliant.

By the way, the photographer of this author's mugshot should have been credited alongside it, but it wasn't done. All credit and apologies therefore to Heather Lindsley, whose shutter-work it was.


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