Saturday, 30 May 2015

I love these people!!!


Just issued in the UK in hardback by the excellent Severn House (in August elsewhere) - my second Marc Portman spy thriller, 'Close Quarters' - has hit the ground running, if current reviews are any judge.

It gets a *Starred* review from Booklist:

Magson’s Marc Portman series gets better with each new installment—more taut, more adventurous, more twisted, more violent and with another gripping story line and the same brave, clever, likable hero.
Portman’s latest mission is to rescue Ed Travis, a U.S. State Department employee who’s gone to Ukraine to try to suss out what the various pro- and anti-separatist groups are up to. But before Travis can complete his task, he’s kidnapped—by whom, it’s not clear, although the CIA suspects Russian involvement. As Portman enters the chaotic eastern Ukraine, he knows he’s being watched, no matter how good his cover. He must depend on a series of not-especially-reliable contacts to help him spirit Travis out.
Meanwhile, back in Washington, a group of rich and powerful businessmen and politicians are focused on causing Portman to fail so they can get the government to sanction Russia, endanger America’s Russian gas supply, and then profit from the last-minute energy alternatives the government will be forced to put in place.
Ignorant of their plan, Portman overcomes hurdle after impossible hurdle, from snipers and roadblocks to a Russian mafia attack. Knuckle-whitening, adventure-packed, and shocking, this page turner is guaranteed to grip readers from the first page to the last.

It also gets a volley of lovely 4 and 5-star reviews from readers on GOODREADS, with comments like:

***** "...and honest-to-God hero..."

**** "...incredibly current... action packed thrill of a ride."

**** "... fast moving and very enjoyable... a nod back to the old cold war type thrillers."

***** " new favorite!! Magson does an incredible job blending fact with fiction."

***** "... this is a real thriller... the action continuous."

**** " This is a 4.5-star book. Engrossing and very well written... found myself reading when I should have been doing other things."

What can I say, but thank you, everybody, for such lovely words.

'Close Quarters' - the 2nd Marc Portman spy thriller:

Signed copies available from Goldsboro Books in London


OR through your usual bookshop.


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