Thursday, 16 April 2015

Now that's what I call promotion!

In an age when whatever you shout as an author about your latest book can so easily get lost in the daily blizzard of promo pieces, previews and ads for bigger, brighter and louder (ie - bigger marketing budgets), it came as quite a shock this morning over my marmite soldiers when I saw the following pic on Twitter. Thanks to Severn House for arranging it! (Mind-worm: I must pick up the soldier I dropped behind the sofa before the cat gets the blame).

I'm so pleased by this excellent mention, which is on the front of London Show Daily (from the London Book Fair 2015, in case I leave you in any doubt), here's a snip of the photo as well, in case anything gets missed!

Believe me, when promo pieces like this come along, it's not to be taken lightly and I don't. And won't. In fact, I might just have a tattoo done-

Or maybe not. Going too far? Shame.

Anyway, very cleverly, the publishers (Severn House - did I mention them?) managed to slip in not just one but TWO titles in one hit: 'The Watchman' and 'Close Quarters' (books one and two of the Marc Portman spy thriller series).

Now that's what I call neat.

Of course, the new book (out on 30th April in hardback), is 'Close Quarters', but I appreciate that there are people out there who like to read series in order. (And no, that's not OCD or anything like it. As it happens, I like to write them in order, too. It makes life a little easier). But just in case, 'The Watchman' is still available.

Just saying...

'CLOSE QUARTERS' - in hardback, available soon. Signed and dated copies available from Goldsboro Books, London. (They ship everywhere).


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