Monday, 20 April 2015

My review of 'Killing Time' by Marcus Dalrymple

It's not often I'm asked to review a book with the tag line 'True Fiction', but 'Killing Time' by Marcus Dalrymple was intriguing enough to kick-start my curiosity.

Maybe that was the plan.

You can read my review right here in Shots Magazine.

The interesting point about this book is that it brought to mind a number of high-profile books reviewed recently where the main protagonist was not the most sympathetic type, or even downright unlikeable. Which always seems at odds to me.

In this case it's a young British back-packer named James Cooper-Brown, whom I found incredibly irritating and na├»ve beyond redemption for putting himself in the situation where others get killed because of him. I suppose I've always enjoyed books with central characters that, while they might do some unpleasant or inexplicable things, at least have some redeeming features.

However, that aside (and my comment on this character is only a personal opinion), if you want to get into the heart of what it must be like to be part of a community where life - and death - is at the call of brutal drug gangs and where human life is cheap-to-unimportant, then this book offers a useful example. The description of life for those at the bottom of the pile, and the casual way they are disposed of, is chilling and well-painted.


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