Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Getting Away With Murder has it right...

I shouldn't, really, but heck, I know it's already out there and there's only a few hours to go.

I'm talking about the release in hardback of 'CLOSE QUARTERS', the second Marc Portman spy thriller, which comes out tomorrow, 30th April, from Severn House.

The lovely thing for me is, with exquisite timing and completely unknown to me, Mike Ripley, the supremo, big daddy and moustachioed grand fromage of review column Getting Away With Murder has given it a lovely mention.

For those new to this excellent column - and I guess there are probably a couple - if you want to find out about crime novels and spy thrillers past and present - especially new ones coming out - then this is the column to read.

It's packed full of wisdom, background knowledge and experience, and a deep understanding of all that is good in crime and spy fiction.

(Well, I would say that, wouldn't I?)

Who knows - you might find something there to surprise or interest you.

Just don't get too carried away reading about all the other books.

'CLOSE QUARTERS' - (Severn House in H/B) - available from all good sources and, no doubt, a few less reputable.

Best of all try Goldsboro Books here
Amazon here

Thank you, Mr Ripley, for the mention. You'll find payment in a brown envelope under a bench in Green Park.


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