Wednesday, 4 March 2015

My latest articles in Writing Magazine

April's edition of Writing Magazine includes my monthly 'Beginners' column and is called 'Get down to Business'.

I confess this might have been inspired by a writer saying to me recently how nice it must be to do what I love full-time, and how wonderful it must be to work at home and take time off to do something else whenever I felt like it.

You know... like my writing's only a hobby, innit?

The sad thing is, I've found this attitude fairly prevalent in the outside (non-writing) world, almost as if some view us through rosy glasses, a pen in one hand, a glass of G&T in the other and nothing else to do all day but compose instantly saleable prose... or wonder off and have jolly larks on the river with like-minded scribes.

Well, sorry to disappoint and blow holes in anyone's perceptions, but the simple lesson is, if you want to be a published writer, you have to take this lark seriously, which means treating it like a business and becoming a professional.

That might mean giving up lots of things, like television, but if you want to succeed, that's the trade-off. It's work like any other.


My other contribution this month is my New Author Profile which covers Northern Ireland writer and lawyer, Steve Cavanagh, who sees his debut novel 'The Defence' published by Orion this very month (March, that is).

Steve's premise for this crime novel is one that some people might not agree with, but is certainly an unusual proposition: that hustlers and con men share the same skills as lawyers.

I really couldn't comment, m'lud. But to find out what those skills are, you'll have to read the article... or Steve's book.

You could also check out his website here for more information on the author and his work.

Right, that's me done for the day... I'm off for a well-earned kip...


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