Saturday, 10 January 2015

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Damn, but time just whizzes by when you're busy. Christmas gone, DVDs of Thor, The Expendables, X-men and one other I forgot as soon as I saw it, and here we are getting back down to business.

The Beginners page - 'Talk with Purpose' - deals with using dialogue to help tell the story. But it's not solely that; you can use it to fill in detail, give a sense of pace, colour in some backstory, show emotions and so much more.

Dialogue is where your characters interact. Be they cops, villains, lovers, colleagues, kids or warriors, when it comes to helping create your story and bring it alive, it's good to talk.

It's also one of the places in a story where you can have some fun. Having characters exchange threats, make promises, reveal detail to draw in your reader, or simply displaying the banter between them where appropriate, gives you an excuse for some light or dark humour, depending on the story.

Dialogue is where the players in your book can truly come alive.


The 'New Author' profile page this month focusses on Emily Bullock, whose debut novel 'The Longest Fight' is published by Myriad Editions.

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