Thursday, 18 December 2014

Latest 'Beginners' article in Writing Magazine

I guess if there's a time of the year to capitalise on some of those creative ideas that have been sparking away in your brain over these many months, the Christmas break is one of them. That's if you can get away from the festivities, fun and frolics for a few minutes and think about what to do in the year ahead.

As I suggest in January's 'Beginners' page in Writing Magazine - out now in paper and digital formats - it's best not to over-think the various plots and thoughts pelting around in the grey matter.

(I'm assuming that you, like most writers, will have more than one going on at any one time, each vying for attention).

Instead, allow your inner selector to go to work. Because of all those plots and ideas, there's sure to be one that keeps popping up more than the others, like an itch demanding to be scratched.

This is your built-in creative process at work, so don't ignore it; it can save you hours and days of frustration and indecision. Eventually, you'll know you have to look at it seriously and do something about it, simply because it won't go away.

So, as my last writing suggestion for 2014, let the ideas mill about by all means. But don't over-think any one of them. I'm sure that THE ONE - the fragment of an idea that's probably been gestating quietly in one of the darker recesses of your mind - will emerge and kick the others into touch.

In the meantime, I wish everyone a very happy and peaceful festive break and the beginnings of a great writing year in 2015.

(It is, after all, a good numeric: 2+1+5 = 8)


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