Sunday, 30 November 2014

My review of 'Sins of the Father' by Graham Hurley

I seem to have been absent from the reviewing front lately. Not because I'd given up or couldn't find anything to read, but because I've been head-down and finishing two new books of my own.

One is 'Close Quarters', the follow-up to my first Marc Portman spy thriller ('The Watchman' - which is doing very well, thank you to all those who are reading it), and the other is called 'The Locker', the first in another series, which my agent has sold to an American publisher. More about that later. (It's another thriller, in case you're interested).

The fact is, I find it difficult in the hothouse atmosphere of finishing a book to do much reading with any objectivity. My head's so full of the current storyline and characters, that focussing on somebody's else's work is sometimes too much of a distraction.

Not that I'm exactly free of that now - both these books of mine being series novels, there are sequels to consider and write, so it's nose to the grindstone as usual.

BUT... I have to read something else occasionally, or I start biting the furniture. And by chance, the Shots Magazine editor, Mike Stotter, sent me Graham Hurley's latest police procedural, 'The Sins of the Father'. My review can be read right here.

It's a many-layered work, and right up there with all of Graham's work, so if you like a great plot, with some off-the-page characters, give it a try. It's a subtle work, is what it is.

And if you read the review, you'll find out what I mean.


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