Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Latest article in Writing Magazine

November's issue of Writing Magazine contains my latest 'Beginners' piece, called 'DE-FOCUS'.

Most of us know that focussing too hard on writing when we're not in the mood is often counter-productive. But we still tend to panic if we're not actively burning the midnight oil and getting some meaningful words on the page.

I never thought I'd ever manage to slip a mention of Mr Miyagi (the wise old owl of 'Karate Kid' fame), into an article about writing, nor did I ever plan to do so. But it seemed appropriate at the time, and if you read the piece, you'll see why.

In short, DE-FOCUS is about... well, not focussing. Instead, using the subconscious brain while performing Miyagi-like tasks can provide the inspiration we need - a bit like having a computer programme running in the background.

I should know - I do it all the time. There was this wedding I was forced to go to just last week...


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