Sunday, 5 October 2014

Books Are My Bag

Bookshops around the UK are being celebrated from the 9th to the 11th this month by the Books are my bag campaign, which sees an author in every bookshop on Saturday the 11th.

That means you, the readers, will be able to see an author, approach them, prod them or even talk to them if you wish. (Go on - ask a question; they'll love it).

The thing is, this campaign is all about bookshops and what they do: selling books, providing choice and information, and most of all, allowing you to browse and see inside the books before you buy, all in an atmosphere confined to... well, books.

I've had the pleasure of being invited to appear in Rossiter Books in Ross-on-Wye (lovely town with a beautiful river flowing past it and LOADS of places to eat, should you be tempted), on Saturday 11th at 11am, and will be pleased to speak to anyone about books - most especially my own, of course. But if you want to chat about others, I'll be happy to do that, too.

Bookshops are an endangered species. Don't let them go the way of the dodo for want of calling in and taking a look. You never know - you might see something you like.

And remember - it's not long before you'll be on the hunt for something to give your nearest and dearest at Christmas. So why not stay off the keyboard for a bit and call into a bookshop instead?

I'll be there. Will you?

Rossiter Books in Ross-on-Wye. 11am. (the time, ack-emma, not my initials - although I suppose... )


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