Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Latest articles in Writing Magazine

My latest 'Beginners' piece in Writing Magazine focusses on the danger of stopping writing once the submission has gone off, and resting on one's laurels. It's a common danger, and one with which I can sympathise; after hacking away for months, writing, editing, researching, cleaning the keyboard, missing the basket with every scrunched-up piece of A4, it's very tempting to kick back and do nothing for a while, even though you haven't anything in the bag, ready to go.

Don't. It's a bad habit. And one of the main reasons is given at the end of my piece. You'll have to read-

Okay, I'll tell you now: what if an agent comes back with 'I want to see what else you've got!'

There are other reasons, of course, but it's all to do with momentum.


The New Author profile this month is Mason Cross, whose debut thriller 'The Killing Season', was published by Orion in April and features people finder Carter Blake.

It's a very good read indeed (you can check out my review of it here in Shots Magazine), and all I can say is, Mason's background proves that next time you see a pizza delivery person, don't write them off; you might be looking at the latest new novelist whizzing by, only with a four seasons, not a Killing Season.

Damn. I said I wouldn't do that...


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