Tuesday, 26 August 2014

The Story Behind 'Deception'

As an author, if there's one thing you like talking about, it's your books. After months in gestation, and the hot sweat of creativity, it's rather nice to focus for a change on what brought the book about, how you came up with the characters and the various scraps that help form the storyline.

It's another way of answering the 'Where do you get your ideas?' question put by readers... but perhaps allows for more considered thought on the subject. Because if the truth be known, we don't always know at the time where the ideas originate; they simply do. And we grab them with both hands because they're like some buses - you never know when the next one will be along).

I was therefore surprised and delighted to be approached out of the blue by Kristijan Meic, editor of Upcoming4.me website, and asked if I would like to contribute a piece about 'Deception' - the third title in the Harry Tate spy series.

Would I? Wouldn't I just.

You can now read the full piece right here, as well as finding other authors talking about the story behind their stories on this interesting and intriguing website. There will be some parallels, of course, but everybody has their own reasons, motivations and kick-starts to a book. It sometimes needs teasing out.

Give them a read; it's worth it.

Thank you, Kristijan, for giving me the opportunity to talk about Harry Tate and this story. Much appreciated.


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