Friday, 1 August 2014

New book reviews - 'Acts of Omission' and 'Hard Kill'

After a dry-ish period on the book reviewing front (busy writing, not through lack of interest), here are two more reviews of other authors' books well worth reading, both very different:

'Acts of Omission' - by Terry Stiastny. A story of political intrigue and hidden secrets going back to the time of the Cold War.

I also interviewed Terry about her writing, and you can read that via the link below:

'Hard Kill' - by JB Turner. The second in his Jon Reznick thriller series, with kidnappings, disappearances and threats of terrorist plots.

They're very different books, and I enjoyed switching from one to the other. It's nice to vary the pace a little in reading (just as it is in writing), and to have a different sense of time and setting.

I liked them both and recommend them to you.


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