Saturday, 9 August 2014

Latest article in Writing Magazine


OK, I admit my latest 'Beginners' piece in the August issue of Writing Magazine might have been inspired by long, hot summer days sprawled in our garden room and a neighbour suggesting to me that I wasn't looking very busy.

As I replied, 'Maybe not. But you don't know what I'm thinking about, do you?'

It's a fact that we all tend to give insufficient effort to thinking time, to build ideas, plot points and scenes. Sure we can sit down and think furiously enough to give ourselves a nosebleed; but it rarely leads anywhere productive or profitable.

Instead, there's a much better way of allowing our brains to come up with the goods, and requires just a little bit of letting go.

It's called daydreaming.

It's a rarely-discussed piece of built-in software in our heads that allows the creative side of the brain to push the envelope and stretch the imagination, yet at the same time retain the information for later use. Dreams, on the other hand (the middle-of the-night variety) rarely last until morning and aren't in any way focussed.

The good thing is, the day-time variety can be done whenever the spirit takes you!

You can usually tell when somebody is daydreaming (ask any teacher): they tend to be smiling - even if looking just a little bit dippy.

Which is surely a good sign, isn't it?

It's the weekend. Do some daydreaming of your own. It's free!


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