Monday, 14 July 2014

Paperback release in US

'Death at the Clos du Lac'

In what might well be Inspector Lucas Rocco's final adventure, 'Death at the Clos du Lac' is available in paperback format for US readers from tomorrow, 15th July.

I don't mean that Rocco meets his maker - nothing quite that final. I just mean that in spite of some lovely reviews the publishers have decided not to renew the contract as the sales haven't reached expectations... whatever they were.

Why would I advertise the final in a series? Isn't that admitting failure?

Well, because lovely readers have been asking about the next title, I can't keep pretending there will definitely be one.

As for failure, I don't believe it is. Rocco wasn't my only creation (see the current Harry Tate series and the new Marc Portman series), both of which are doing extremely well. But this one simply didn't make the grade. It happens.

So, if you fancy the idea of a cop series set in France in the 1960s, there are 4 books to choose from, whether hardback, paperback or ebook. Take your pick

I thoroughly enjoyed writing about Rocco. I hope you enjoy reading about him.

Rocco in paperback - right here.


"Deserves to be ranked with the best." - Daily Mail

"France's answer to Jack Reacher!" -

"Clever and complex, this taut and chilling new novel from Adrian Magson is a spine-tingling treat." ('Death on the Rive Nord') - The Good Book Guide.

"Rocco is every bit as strong as Martin Walker's Bruno Courreges... with an authentic sense of place. I'm extremely glad this is a series and will certainly be back for the next."
Linda Wilson -

“…a darker and subtler novel than Death on the Marais… The novel is ingeniously plotted and works up to an unexpected climax… A thoroughly enjoyable read from an accomplished crime writer… “
Historical Novel Society -

"... a tense, clever 1960 police whodunnit. Insp Rocco is a thoughtfully produced creation... and I hope to see more from this very gifted author." Terry Halligan - EUROCRIME Reviews

"...this book captures perfectly the rural atmosphere of France... Littered with characters and oodles of charm, this is a brilliant debut, a great read and terrific fun. Excellent!" Books Monthly -

"Rocco is a likeable character... a law unto himself. The reader is kept hanging till the very last moment... the ending is excellent. If you enjoy all things French, this book will appeal." The Book Bag -

"Death on the Marais is a slick and memorable thriller… Terse writing, a very credible plot and fascinating characterisation make for a most entertaining reading experience." Conor Tannam -

"The climax, when it comes, is explosive... and Magson skillfully draws the various threads of his story together in a very satisfactory manner." Reviewing the Evidence -

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