Friday, 4 July 2014

I foreworded The Saint!

Is that even a verb? Ah, heck, I've just made it one.

I've been a fan of Leslie Charteris's 'The Saint' books ever since the age of eight. So I've always been able to blame him for my life of crime (writing). And my parents, who encouraged me to read. Thank you, Mr C, Mum and Dad, in equal measure.

I was therefore absolutely stoked when I was asked to contribute a foreword to a re-edition of 'Follow The Saint', which was first published in 1939.

(I would like to point out that I do NOT recall this first publication; I wasn't even the hint of a glimmer at the time).

This is just one of many titles being re-published (49 in the US by Thomas & Mercer, and 35 in the UK by Mulholland Books), all retaining the grammar, style, punctuation, etc, of the original texts.

As a fan at that very young age, when I tore through all the books at a heady pace, I think I already knew what I wanted to do with my life, which was to follow Leslie Charteris even in a small way and become a writer of crime and thriller novels.

Something I never imagined in my wildest dreams (and they were pretty wild), was that one day my name would feature alongside one of his titles and that iconic stick man.

But, 16 books of my own later, here it is.

This (and all the re-prints), is due to Ian Dickerson, producer, writer, director and Honorary Secretary of The Saint club, and about whom you can read more here and here.

The books are lovely and atmospheric in colour and detail, and both publishers have done a wonderful job.

Oh, and they're also available as ebooks, so nobody need go without.


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