Saturday, 28 June 2014

Try before you buy...

Going to a bookstore isn't possible for everyone. But we all like to take a sneak peek at a book before we buy - especially if it's by an author with whom we're not familiar. I know I do.

Severn House, publishers of the Harry Tate series, and the new Marc Portman series opener, 'The Watchman' have come up with a solution. Through an arrangement with Aerbooks, samples of the books are now available as a web-based extract which readers can check out, to get a sense of what the writing is all about.

All you need to do is click on these links:

'Red Station' -
'Tracers' -
'Deception' -
and - the first Marc Portman,
I hope you'll feel free this fine weekend (or any other, come to that), to take a look at these titles and see if they take your fancy.
The next step is to decide where to buy, and that depends on your preference, be it your local book store or online or, if you happen to like signed hardbacks, through Goldsboro Books - that fine bijou bookstore in London's West End (who mail out all over the world and, for all I know, even beyond).
Happy reading and have a good weekend!

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