Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Review - 'Death at the Clos du Lac'

Another very pleasing review of the 4th Insp Lucas Rocco crime thriller -  'Death at the Clos du Lac' - this time in Living France - the must-read magazine for visitors and foreign residents of that lovely country.

Inspector Lucas Rocco is back in action in Adrian Magson’s latest
novel, Death at the Clos du Lac. Called to a suspicious death at the
exclusive Clos du Lac sanatorium, Rocco discovers a man chained to
the floor of a therapy pool and left to drown. But, as with all of
Rocco’s cases, there is much more to the death than meets the eye,
and he soon comes up against secretive staff and patients, obstructive ministry officials, a rogue government assassin and determined kidnappers.

Set in France’s northern Picardy region in the 1960s, the Lucas Rocco series is gaining a loyal following and has been described by some as France’s Jack Reacher.
Be warned, once you open the book you will be hooked!
'Death at the Clos du Lac'. Now available in h/b, p/b and ebook. In other words, bedtime, travel time and anytime formats!


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