Thursday, 10 April 2014

New Writing Articles

I seem to have taken my eye off the ball recently regarding my regular monthly articles in Writing Magazine.

In April's issue, my 'Beginners' page is a blunt call for writers not to imitate existing authors, and the title - 'Write Like You!' - says it all.

Yes, you might like the fame and money gained by top authors, but don't be fooled into copying their style. Being compared to an existing author might turn out to be less of a compliment that you think.

And the New Author this month is Eva Dolan ('Long Way Home').


In May's issue (already out and ready to read), the 'Beginners' topic is 'The Tale and Detail', and suggests using backdrop to bring some real colour to your story.

In the hot flush of creativity, it's easy to rush into the action and emotion. But a little background detail can add depth and atmosphere to what might otherwise turn out to be a fairly flat scene.

Films use the technique as a matter of course, feeding viewers the backdrop without fanfare. It's there to see, but we take it in subconsciously, as part of the deal, while focussing on the characters.

And it works.

Happy and productive writing!


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