Tuesday, 22 April 2014

New editions coming out.

For those who prefer their reading (1) in paper and (2) in a weight guaranteed not to strain their wrist or their travel weight allowance, a new paperback issue comes in in two days time - on the 24th April.

'Death at the Clos du Lac' - the 4th in the Inspector Lucas Rocco series set in France in the 1960s, and originally issued in hardback, this one now hits the shelves in paperback format. (Unfortunately, that doesn't happen in the US until July - sorry).

 Set against the backdrop of French trade negotiations with China, and the kidnap of the wife of a top-level French industrialist, Rocco has to figure out who murdered a man in a private sanatorium - and why the Interior Ministry seems strangely reluctant to let him investigate the killing or the identity of other inmates in the building. He also has to contend with the knowledge that a trained assassin has him in his sights, and that being a cop will not protect him.

"A pure joy - deserves to be ranked with the best." Daily Mail.

And not long after, on the 1st May, for those who like their reading even lighter to carry, 'The Watchman' comes out as an ebook. This the first in a new contemporary spy thriller series featuring Marc Portman, a specialist in close (but not too close) protection work for spies in hostile situations.

Set on the Kenya-Somali border, the story draws Portman into acting as a covert back-stop for two British MI6 officers - one a woman - sent to negotiate for the release of two UN hostages taken by pirates. However, he soon learns that the negotiations are a trap set by terrorists and that there are no plans for the two officers to return home. And Portman is their only hope of rescue.

A deliberate departure from the Harry Tate thrillers, this is darker in tone, and while I enjoy writing all my books, this one was great fun, with all the bangs and weaponry and the use of a microlight to drop Portman right where he needed to be.

"Adrenalin-fuelled action thriller... packed with adventure, danger, bravery and shocking violence. A gripping read." Booklist

"A convincingly formidable one-man army... an action-filled adventure..." Publishers Weekly

Two very different books. If you haven't yet, why not give one a try?


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