Monday, 17 March 2014

New review - 'The Watchman'

As always, a delight to read another positive (*starred) review of my latest book - 'The Watchman' - which is the first in a new series featuring protection specialist, Marc Portman.

Read it here in the Booklist Online Review.

What can I say? "The term thriller hardly does justice to this taut page-turner that's packed with action, adventure, danger, ingenuity.... "

I certainly couldn't say it myself, or anything like it; so thank you so much for those - and other - kind words, Emily Melton.

You have made my day.

Available now in hardback (in the UK) and elsewhere on 1st May (also coming out then as an ebook).

But why wait? You can get a signed copy NOW via Goldsboro Books in London. They'll even ship it to you. Go on, treat yourself.


'THE WATCHMAN' - 'Thrilling read' - 'hard to put down' - 'a great action hero'
The Crime Scene -

"...contains some of the most explosive opening chapters I have read in a long time. Give this man a Bond film script to play with!"
Crime Fiction Lover -

"This very gripping and hard to put down thriller... Strongly recommended."
Eurocrime Reviews -


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