Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Getting settled.

There are many ways of getting used to a new house and location. Doing lots of the normal moving-in cosmetic jobs is one; making it look and feel like home is another.

For a writer, there's a somewhat more basic requirement, too - and that's finding a place to write.

With a new project on the go, which I was forced by the move to leave alone since before Christmas, I found myself beginning to chomp at the bit when I couldn't concentrate because I hadn't really fixed on where to set up my 'space'. Some of it depended on phone points and where to get a good signal (which cut out the kitchen because that's like being inside a cement block).

However, now I've got a compromise which works well. I've created a work space for the concentrated stuff and research, which has allowed me to stretch out and have some room. It does have its dangers, like paper overflow and filling a space just because it's there, but it does have a restricted outlook, so I shouldn't get too distracted.

For general work when I'm feeling more flexible (dare I say casual?), I can use some other space like the dining room table, kitchen or wherever. Of course, there may be a little competition for that from other members of the house, but if I get there early enough...

Right now I'm looking forward to the release of 'The Watchman' (30 January in hardback), which brings an entirely new character onto the spy thriller scene. It's a tense moment having a book published, never mind with a new main character to introduce, but time, as they say, will tell.

At least having my work space ready, I can't put off my writing any longer.


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