Friday, 24 January 2014

First pub'd review of 'The Watchman'

Okay (or OK, as my publishers prefer), I'm a sucker for kind words about my books - especially the latest ones just out.

And John Forrester has been extremely kind reviewing 'The Watchman' in The Crime Scene  - with such memorable buzz words we authors really go for, such as 'thrilling read, 'hard to put down', 'really enjoy this one' and 'The author seems to really understand what he is talking about...' (I couldn't really comment, of course).

What a nice man! Thank you, John. I really appreciate the words. A great boost to the writing arm and brain, which, at certain times of the year, are not always as fully connected as one might like.

Other writers will know what I mean.

'The Watchman' - out on the 30th January and available from all good bookstores and a few bad ones.

Signed copies will shortly be available from Goldsboro Books in London's Cecil Court (near Leicester Square), otherwise known as Diagon Alley. They also ship ANYWHERE.

I think.

Possibly not to Puffin Island, but that's because they don't have credit cards. Puffins, I mean.


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