Sunday, 26 January 2014

Another corking review of 'The Watchman'

Well, what can I say? I am, as they say, made up (but not in the mascara and lipstick way, of course - it's a Sunday). I mean I'm chuffed, stoked, touched, buzzed and don't even care about the incessant rain (today).

The reason?

Marina Sofia, writing for the review site Crime Fiction Lover (as its name says on the tin, the review place for die-hard fans of crime fiction), has penned an absolute corking review of 'The Watchman' (published by Severn House in hardback on 30th January) right here.

I won't put any excerpts here except one, because I'd prefer you to read Marina's words for yourself - and brilliant words they are, too.

But this one really made me smile: "...contains some of the most explosive opening chapters I have read in a long time. Give this man a Bond film script to play with!"

Thank you, Marina - what lovely sentiments. I'm pretty sure I'm not equipped to handle a film script... but I wouldn't mind if there's a production company out there looking for an idea to run with!

Made my day, this.

'The Watchman' - out in hardback on Thursday 30th January (UK) and elsewhere in May (also then as an ebook). But you can order a signed copy wherever you are from Goldsboro Books in London (they mail everywhere).


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