Wednesday, 16 October 2013

'The Watchman' - cover image

It's always a buzz to see the cover image for a forthcoming book.

After all the research and writing, the plot cul-de-sacs, the name changes and editing, the very least any writer can hope for is a cover that rings all the bells.

It doesn't have to do exactly the 'what it says on the tin' thing, in my view... but it has to catch the attention and imagination of readers in a crowded world. And if it conveys at least some kind of hint about what's inside, all the better.

And in my opinion this image for 'The Watchman', (out in the UK January, US in May) fresh from the publisher and now up on Amazon, does that in spades.

This, I have to say, is NOT a Harry Tate novel. It's a Portman novel. It's in the same genre - spy thrillers - and just as current, but darker.


Portman. He’s a professional shadow. A watcher who provides protection in potentially hostile situations. He works in the background, stays off the record. Often the people he’s guarding have no idea he’s there.

When two British intelligence agents are despatched to negotiate the release of a group of western hostages in Somalia, veteran MI6 operator Tom Vane realizes that something about this operation doesn’t stack up. Unwilling to see two promising officers sacrificed in what he believes to be a suicide mission, he covertly hires deep cover specialist Marc Portman to protect them.

Hiding out in the wild, lawless land on the Kenyan/Somali border, Portman soon realizes the British intelligence services have been double-crossed. Can he survive long enough to keep his charges alive and prevent a catastrophe?
I enjoy writing every one of my books. I think that's essential for any writer, otherwise you might as well not bother. But I really enjoyed writing this one.
I hope it shows in the finished product.
'The Watchman' - signed hardback copies available in January from Goldsboro Books, and all Amazon sites thereafter.

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