Thursday, 10 October 2013


For just 5 days starting tomorrow, Friday 11th October, 'No Help for the Dying' - is available as a FREE download on Amazon Kindle.

This is the 2nd in the Gavin & Palmer mystery series (see also the latest update to the 'Why I Wrote' tab above, in which I talk about how it came about).

You've read the why, now you can read the book.

Tough investigative reporter Riley Gavin has always been haunted by the baffling disappearance of young Katie Pyle. It was her first assignment – and her greatest failure. So when Katie turns up murdered a decade later, Riley knows she must find out what happened to her. What made this young girl disappear in the first place – and why has she now been murdered?

When her probing uncovers more dead runaways, Riley realises that there are all manner of dangers lurking in the dark city streets, quite apart from drugs and deprivation. There are predators, too.

What, for example, is the Church of Flowing Light? And why does it employ sinister characters like Quine? When she suddenly attracts the attentions of two silent watchers, and a former journalist colleague goes missing in bloody circumstances, she knows it's time to dig deeper.

Helped by former military cop Frank Palmer, Riley follows the trail into the lethal subways of London’s street life, in an effort to find the truth.

'No Help for the Dying'. FREE for 5 days. Step up and take a ride. Right here.


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