Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Talking about Harry Tate et al with Publishers Weekly...

I was recently delighted to be invited by Publishers Weekly in the US to take part in one of their litcast interviews, where they discuss with authors general writing matters and their latest work (in my case, the 5th Harry Tate novel, 'Execution' (Severn House). There was also mention of comparisons between writing this series and my French-based 1960s police series featuring Inspector Lucas Rocco, when the kind of technology available now to intelligence agencies simply didn't exist.

You can listen here to the interview run by Lenny Picker, PW's gentle Torquemada (and if you listen carefully, hear the faint squeal of the wheels turning on the rack in the cellar). Of course, I jest - he was a real gentleman and coaxed responses from this tongue-tied British author with great ease and no pain.

I was interviewed in a cellar, however, owned by my agent, the urbane David Headley, who helped set up the Skype interview when my own equipment decided to play electronic hookie only minutes before the timed broadcast. Ah, the fun we had - it was like playing spies broadcasting from secret underground locations with seconds to spare before discovery. Not that I would know anything about that, of course...

Anyway, if you have the inclination, please drop by and listen.

"Top-notch for all fans of the spy-action genre and another outstanding effort from an underrated but highly talented author. Fans of Joseph Finder and David Ignatius should start reading Magson right now; he will also appeal to the pure-adrenaline crowd who love Lee Child and Gregg Hurwitz."
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