Tuesday, 24 September 2013

I don't mind at all...

... my work being compared to other writers. It's not necessarily that a reader finds similarities in style or content between two authors; nor that a character one has created resembles another. I prefer to think (perhaps fooling myself into the bargain) that the reader has been equally captured by the enjoyment of my book to want to make such a comparison.

Whatever the reason, Karen Kleckner Keefe, posting on Booklist Online, clearly has enormous style and taste, as well as unbounded generosity of spirit, by listing my latest Harry Tate book, 'Execution' as comparable with Lee Child's Jack Reacher books - and a great list of others.

As she says (of the Reacher series): 'In an uncertain world, there is something supremely rewarding about reading this justice-dispensing series.'

I have to say, there's something supremely rewarding about writing them, too! If an author doesn't enjoy writing, I firmly believe it will show in the finished work.

Anyway, thank you, Karen, for this comparison - and for including me in such august company. I'd be delighted to find myself on this list any day!

'Execution' (Seven House Pubs). The 5th in the Harry Tate spy thriller series.

Reviewed here by Emily Melton.

Also discussed in my podcast with Publishers Weekly - listen here.


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