Saturday, 17 August 2013

I love radio

It’s always a huge pleasure to be interviewed by BBC Radio Northampton’s John Griff. He’s enthusiastic and interested and actually lets you answer his questions – and he has a great sense of fun – which all goes to make a grilling from him something worth shouting about.

And that’s what I was doing on Friday afternoon just after 3pm, gagging on about Harry Tate, Lucas Rocco and others to come - and about the Bookmarks Literary Festival, which I’m in next Sunday, 25th August, in case you're in the area.

So, go here and have a listen – the link is operable for another 6 days. (And if you’re short of time, push the slider at the bottom of the screen to 1:14.50 or thereabouts, and you’ll hear John making the introduction. But there are other interesting interviewees as well, so don't let me steal their thunder).

 Thank you, John. Most enjoyable.


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