Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Get Rocco...

A reminder that 'Death on the Pont Noir' (Rocco 3) is available in the Kindle Big Summer Reading Promotion here (UK) and here (US) at an amazing steal price of £0.99 or $1.55 - but only until September 5.

After that it's back to full price. So why not get it now while you can? This could be the only chance you'll have of buying a French cop at this price.

Also, 'Death at the Clos du Lac', the latest in the series, is out now in hardback and ebook.

Signed h/b copies are available from Goldsboro Books in London

Picardie, France 1964. The exclusive Clos du Lac sanitarium. A man is discovered standing in the therapy pool. But he's not there for his health; someone has chained him to the bottom and left him to die very, very slowly.

Inspector Lucas Rocco believes it's an unusual and elaborate method of execution. But nobody seems to have heard or seen anything. The staff are resolutely unhelpful - or dead - and ministry officials sent from Paris to 'assist' attempt to impede Rocco's efforts to find answers.

It is soon clear the Clos du Lac is no ordinary sanitarium, and holds secrets that the authorities feel are better left hidden. And a high-level kidnapping mounted in an attempt to derail France's new trade agreements with China means Rocco now faces threats from more than one quarter... one of them a rogue government assassin.

Inspector Lucas Rocco. A French cop with attitude.


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