Wednesday, 7 August 2013

'Execution' - ebook worldwide and H/B in US

I'm pleased to remind readers that 'Execution' - the 5th in the Harry Tate series, will be out as an ebook on the 1st September, here (UK), here (US), here (Can), along with everywhere else ebooks and hardbacks can be found.


When a Russian hit team catches up with Roman Tobinskiy, political opponent of Moscow and former FSB colleague of Alexander Litvinenko (murdered by polonium poisoning in 2006), it's an easy kill; he's lying helpless in a hospital bed.

Too late they realise that in an adjacent room is Clare Jardine, ex-MI6 officer, recovering from wounds while saving Harry Tate's life.

When Clare goes on the run, Harry is ordered to track her down before the Russians reach her. It's one of his toughest challenges yet. For not only is Clare as adept at covering her tracks as Harry is himself, but the Russians are not the only ones chasing her. Harry is about to come up against an old enemy from his past.

And if he is to save Clare's life - as she saved his - he must seek help from a most unlikely source.

'Execution' - signed hardback copies available from Goldsboro Books, London.

Get yourself a taste of Tate.

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